Win Worley-“Roman Catholicism”,”Ecumenism” and”Unity”

Win Worley-“Roman Catholicism”,”Ecumenism” and”Unity”

What Win Worley used to say about Ecumenism, Ecumenical Movement, some Charismatic Theology, real unity of the believers!

A must for all true Christians in 2013! Tell others, share the knowledge!

Win_Worley-Roman Catholicism_Ecumenism_Unity

You may also wanna watch the videos about Roman Catholicism and today’s compromise of many Protestant believers! Enjoy!


From Hegewisch Baptist Church


From ministry of brother Charles Holzhauser


From Lake Hamilton Bible Church

Tags: Win Worley, deliverance from demons, exorcism, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, pope, censorship,video, preaching, binding and loosing, restoration of soul, Hegewisch.


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