Deliverance from luciferic spirits(mass deliverance)

Deliverance from luciferic spirits

Before you proceed, do general renounciation, confess any possible sin and read the list out loud commanding the devils to come out, in Jesus Mighty name:

(Gen 3, Is 14, Ez 28, Mt 4)

deceived into submission to devil, deceiver of children, deceiver of innocence, subverter of innocent, braiwash, mindcontrol, mindcontrol from garden of eden, serpent, luciferic subtlity, challenger of God, challenger of God’s commandments,false light, false knowledge, knowledge that brings spiritual death, spiritual death, tempter, original tempter, blood spiller, murderer of mankind, luciferic philosophy, false secret knowledge, becoming as god, fake freedom, promoter of sin, assaulter of the creation of God, luciferic curses and spells, against God, against nature, upside down angel, deceiver of angels, religion of senses, religions of men,  an offence to God, savourer of things of carnal nature, hinderer, worship of angels, worship of cherub, false values, opening of third eye/ sixth sense, prophet of lucifer, mouth of lucifer,  life of lucifer, luciferic initiation, luciferic mind, covenant breaker, lier, merchandiser of souls, denial that sin will lead to death, listening to men not to God, listening to serpent, equal to god, false morality, myself-god, do what you will, rebellion, deception, deception leading to death, separation from God, listening to senses, luciferic wisdom, warped mind, breaking all boundaries, turning men against God, substitutes for God, belly their god, selling soul to devil, black light, false light, angel of light, luciferic transformations,lightbringer, satanic music and worship, assaulter of heavens, first rebel, exalter above God, throne of lucifer, destroyer, sinner, abominable branch, seed of evildoers, blatant lies, blapshemer, slanderer, accuser, profane, wicked, sorcery, false prophecy, divination, covered with worms, false beauty, satanic timbrels and pipes, satanic cherub, sophistry, illicit sex, violent, proud heart, defiled, terror, clever lies, twister of Scrtiptures, defiled, religions of lucifer, suicider, suicider of angels, suicider of men, tempter of the Son of God, dragon’s speech, mockery of God, selling God for money and fame, betrayer of Christ, false worship, dragon’s speech, 7 headed dragon, old serpent, deceiver, persecutor, brazen deceiver, church assaulter, warrer with true Church of Christ, blasphemer of God, blapshemer of heaven, blasphemer of angelic beings in heaven, false wonders, deception thru false miracles, antichrist, gatherer to battle against Lord and His Anointed, upside down cherub.