Russ Dizdar and …fags.

Russ Dizdar and …fags.

Are heavens gonna scream?

Are heavens gonna scream?

Brother Russ Dizdar on his recent podcast shared how to treat those with abominable lifestyles and he said:

  • There is somebody in his family, that is of that kind. He never judges, he just ‚hugs’ and it supposed to open up. For what? The Bible tells us: lay hands suddenly on no one, especially the one, who is engaged into perverted lifestyle! Don’t you know about the transference of the demons? It may be that some pastors instead of preaching the Gospel and warn the wicked, they hugged to much. Now the demons who torment fags are influencing them also. Not necessary the sexual way, but with brainwash… cos you hear: don’t judge. Romans 1.
  • Russ treats differently the abnormal fags and those with SRA multiple personality. Thus he is reluctant to say much against them! Will God differentiate between Christian personality and fag one? If they commit sins, do they still go to heaven? What does the Bible say?
  • On his recent shows, he said, as an advice to Christians: you may go to bikers club, you may go to fag club…and preach the Gospel there.What? Was Paul doing that? We saw him in the synagogues of the Jews, but not in the dens of demonic abnormal once-people.

Paul the Apostle pointed the finger, and explained how fags landed this way. It was that they went from normality to abnormality. Paul even adds that they who do the abominable filth deserve the punishment, death and also those who are fag promoters! Russ, what happened to your mind?

‚Hug the fag’? No way!”Visit their dens of abomination”? No way! What’s wrong with ya? Who has brainwashed ya? Do you mean you take youths and tell them to do so?

Repent and open your eyes! Was Jesus doing your ways of ‚evangelism’? Check it out. Get the Bible [KJV] and try to find it. NIV[Catholic version] was translated by a LESBIAN. Does not that bother you? Can the pervert spirit be transferred by the book? Check this with Jesus.

Virginia Ramey Mollenkott„developed specializations in feminist theology and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender theology during the second half of that career.Her books included: The Divine Feminine: Biblical Imagery of God as Female,Sensuous Spirituality: Out from Fundamentalism,Omnigender: A Trans-Religious Approach,Transgender Journeys”. That speak volumes. It’s sick!