Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Prayer Alert!

Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Prayer Alert!

I call on every prayer warrior, true- blue Spirit-Filled Protestant, to pray that Jesus will rescue the girls involved in sex trafficking during tomorrow’s Super Bowl. Some newspapers try to downgrade the problem, but…just have a look at the ads they post on web sites. Hundreds or thousands of girls are advertised there.

These girls suffer awful lot, being pimped out every day. They are raped and made to commit sex acts, in many cases by their pimps or traffickers. The hellish lot of these girls only God can fully comprehend. I believe that Jesus’ heart is touched as He sees what’s going on out there!

Pray that Jesus and His Mighty power will intervene and expose the evil pimps, rings and rescue the girls, and supernaturally bust the hole in the evil underground! I pray, Lord Jesus Christ touch them whenever they are and open the way to escape and to recover! You can do all things! Rescue these girls, from the hellish torment and lost or stolen childhood, or teenage years. Reveal Yourself to them! Let Your powerful intervention be known far and wide!

In Jesus Name,



If you wish you may place the poster on your web site or Facebook/ Twitter. Let others know. The faces of the girls are REAL. God bless. Jesus rules!