Jade Helm 15 and Globalism

Jade Helm 15 and Globalism

Jade Helm 15 is another step to prepare troops for globalist missions and to defend country against insurgency both from outside and within. JH 15 itself may not involve any arrests but they train for the coming future to combat conflict in Ukraine, to fight extremists, Muslim madmen, to handle race riots, gang or biker revolt, MK-ULTRA programmed shooters, being released to introduce artificial trauma to cause ‚needed change’ like gun grab, relinquishment of sovereignty to globalist hands AND to fight in case of ‚homegrown’ opposer to the coming NWO regime reach their ‚zeniths’ and can not handle this changes anymore. Current affairs like mass faggotisation of America, Ireland and the world, removing flags, mass brainwash and ridiculous political correctness as weapons of mind control of society…are globalist’s subversion of ‚old order’.

There are 3 basic levels of unity toward global Government:

  1. religious unity
  2. monetary and economical unity
  3. unity of world armies

„Who can fight the Beast”,”can not buy or sell unless in the system”,’all the world follows ecumenism’…They fight all who is against them…’Doubters’ must be discredited, silenced or fought against…

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Jade Helm 15 and Globalism


Jade Helm 15 and Globalism(LARGE)

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Evangeline Inman- The Latter Rain (Późny deszcz)

Evangeline Inman- The Latter Rain (Późny deszcz)


Sons and daughters are prophesying, dreams are given to the young and old

There is a worship that cannot be silenced, a great revival that’sbeen foretold

The Holy Spirit is being poured out on everyone, it’s for everyone


It’s the latter rain, the latter rain

It’s the latter rain, the latter rain


The signs and wonders are all around us, it’s the day of miracles

There is a sound that comes from heaven, sounds like a rushing mighty wind

The Holy Spirit is being poured out on everyone, it’s for everyone

Come be filled, with the Holy Spirit

Come receive from the Lord

Oh, oh, oh Sweet refreshing from the Lord




Synowie i córki prorokują, sny są dane młodym i starym

Jest uwielbienie, które nie może być wyciszone, wielkie przebudzenie ktore bylo przepowiedziane

Duch Święty jest wylany na wszelkie cialo to jest dla każdego



Jest to późny deszcz, późny deszcz

Jest to późny deszcz, późny deszcz



Znaki i cuda są wszędzie wokół nas, jest to dzień cudów

Jest dźwięk pochodzi z nieba, brzmi jakby gwałtowny, potezny wiatr

Duch Święty jest wylany na wszystkich, to jest dla każdego

Przyjdź po napelnienie, Duchem Świętym

Przyjdź otrzymać od Pana

Och, och, och Słodkie orzeźwienie od Pana

Tlumaczenie- AntyEkumenia





Deliverance from luciferic spirits(mass deliverance)

Deliverance from luciferic spirits

Before you proceed, do general renounciation, confess any possible sin and read the list out loud commanding the devils to come out, in Jesus Mighty name:

(Gen 3, Is 14, Ez 28, Mt 4)

deceived into submission to devil, deceiver of children, deceiver of innocence, subverter of innocent, braiwash, mindcontrol, mindcontrol from garden of eden, serpent, luciferic subtlity, challenger of God, challenger of God’s commandments,false light, false knowledge, knowledge that brings spiritual death, spiritual death, tempter, original tempter, blood spiller, murderer of mankind, luciferic philosophy, false secret knowledge, becoming as god, fake freedom, promoter of sin, assaulter of the creation of God, luciferic curses and spells, against God, against nature, upside down angel, deceiver of angels, religion of senses, religions of men,  an offence to God, savourer of things of carnal nature, hinderer, worship of angels, worship of cherub, false values, opening of third eye/ sixth sense, prophet of lucifer, mouth of lucifer,  life of lucifer, luciferic initiation, luciferic mind, covenant breaker, lier, merchandiser of souls, denial that sin will lead to death, listening to men not to God, listening to serpent, equal to god, false morality, myself-god, do what you will, rebellion, deception, deception leading to death, separation from God, listening to senses, luciferic wisdom, warped mind, breaking all boundaries, turning men against God, substitutes for God, belly their god, selling soul to devil, black light, false light, angel of light, luciferic transformations,lightbringer, satanic music and worship, assaulter of heavens, first rebel, exalter above God, throne of lucifer, destroyer, sinner, abominable branch, seed of evildoers, blatant lies, blapshemer, slanderer, accuser, profane, wicked, sorcery, false prophecy, divination, covered with worms, false beauty, satanic timbrels and pipes, satanic cherub, sophistry, illicit sex, violent, proud heart, defiled, terror, clever lies, twister of Scrtiptures, defiled, religions of lucifer, suicider, suicider of angels, suicider of men, tempter of the Son of God, dragon’s speech, mockery of God, selling God for money and fame, betrayer of Christ, false worship, dragon’s speech, 7 headed dragon, old serpent, deceiver, persecutor, brazen deceiver, church assaulter, warrer with true Church of Christ, blasphemer of God, blapshemer of heaven, blasphemer of angelic beings in heaven, false wonders, deception thru false miracles, antichrist, gatherer to battle against Lord and His Anointed, upside down cherub.


A word to Spirit-filled Protestants


A word to Brothers and Sisters, Protestants filled with the Holy Spirit.

The following word is for some of you…

God knows the cry of your heart … God saw hunger for God in your hearts … The desire for Truth … Those who hunger will be satisfied. Many of you are tired of traditions, false unions, carnality, lack of Truth, power … The zeal of the Lord’s house devour you (Romans 12:11, Matt. John 2:17). Holy Ghost fire burning in the temple … God saw you, you have been noticed by heaven … No compromise, readiness to dedicate and sacrifice to gain the truth to to get hold of Him …. Tirelessly remaining in the service of Me, ready to go through a lot of things in order to win Me and receive from Me … You did not you follow a counterfeit … The world has not stopped you, have overcome and are winning in Me … My sons and daughters … the generation that I have chosen to show His glory. The Army of God is born and is prepared to once again shake the world, to the exaltation of Jesus … You get to know the truth, hence tasted freedom … There’s more … Keep what I have given you, so I can give you more … overflowing cup (Psalm 23) that praises will flow towards heaven, praises which you do not even know or realize …. The true worshipers worship God ONLY in Spirit and in Truth ( John 4:23) … Only those led the Spirit are the true children of God … (Romans 8:14) … Seek, knock, do not tire … I will never fail you … MY Word will come true, because it is abiding truth for ever …

Zechariah 4:10

Isaiah 62:6

Isaiah 64:4

1 Cor 2:9

Haggai 2:9

Taste all things (1 Cor 14:29, 1 Thes 5:21)

God bless.


The word to Brothers and Sisters, Protestants filled with the Holy Spirit (Download pdf)


International spiritual warfare

International spiritual warfare


When talking about spiritual warfare we must look at it in a global way. Many deliverance ministers found out that it can be that a witch or coven conjures up some demon from a region and send it to another region to possess somebody. It may sound unusual but it’s true.

Recently Frank Marzullo Jr. shared the testimony about a lady from Florida. She was cursed by a witch in Jamaica. This witch used sympathetic magic and a demon from the region over Jamaica came to Florida and possessed this sister. Lord Jesus Christ discerned it and bro cast it out and sent it back. It was territorial spirit. Bro Frank admitted it was something new, and called it a new level of spiritual war.


Win Worley shared a story about the deliverance of one church lady. The whole coven conjured some wicked devil from some island and sent it to her. She became demonized. In the interrogation it admitted the coven sent it (on some sort of  satanic mission) and devil revealed the names and locations. He was cast out and chased after each member of the coven. They got what they bargained for.


Dr Holly Hector talks about covens that conjures people in their dreams to their meetings to do some rituals on them.

Spiritual warfare intensifies. It’s not only about talking: I put the whole armour of God. It’s about discernment, it’s about walking in the Spirit of God. It’s about doing what Jesus did: Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Not only to talk about it. Not only to cast demon here and there.

The attacks may come against you from many different places. Be ready to listen to the Holy Spirit. Dramatically pray for the gift of discernment of the spirits. Be opened that God will reveal some information that is crucial for somebody’s deliverance. It’s not only about casting out demons from Christian. It’s about war with principalities and powers.

In the last days, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches will not only fight with ground demons. Read carefully Ephesians 6. We will stand against principalities and powers, so don’t be alarmed. Don’t be shock either. This must come. After Lord Jesus Christ was baptized in the Holy Spirit, He was LED to fight the devil. This is the ‚natural order of things’.

Biblical knowledge must be united with Holy Spirit given insight. We must practice the weapons of war. Trite answers will point you out in different direction and confuse, adding to the problem. The church of the last days is Pentecostal, is Biblical, is bellicose and obstreperous.

It’s the devils that have to flee. Don’t be shuddering when principalities will show up. It must come. We must await it and sharpen the swords, to inflict them such harm they did not suppose is even possible.

Church rise up. Church be holy. Church cast out and remove garbage from your lives. Church, be Spiritual not fleshly. The last days will be better than the first. God’s power will manifest in a greatest way. When darkness try to rear up an ugly head, God’s might will meet it and smash. God has never really showed His power! Looking at marvelous and breath-taking signs and wonders in both OT and NT- it’s still not even 5% of God’s power!


Hallelu Yah! Jesus lives and reigns forever!






Stan Johnson is confused. What’s the real history of Protestantism in America?

Stan Johnson is confused. What’s the real history of Protestantism in America?

Brother Stan Johnson is a former Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International  or if you want- in short- FGBMFI. This organisation was established by Demos Shakarian, a Pentecostal. Somewhere along the line, when the FGBMFI was rapidly growing, the Pope decided to infiltrate it and overtake it. Sadly, nowadays they share the pulpit and pews with unsaved Catholics (like so called Charismatic Catholics). Pope established World Council of Churches in order to built a BRIDGE between Rome and Protestants. As you can notice in the religious world, MOST of non- Spirit filled Protestants so called are ALREADY a part of WCC! Just check the memeber list on their web page.

If you carefully analyses especially the II Vatican Council, you will notice that Vatican has changed the tactics. Unfortunately, if you belong to some churches of organizations that are involved in dealing with Pope, you may be influenced by fake ecumenical ‚theology’. In my opinion, Mr Stan is a victim of this theology. To justify some Catholics he divides them into groups like US Catholics and Catholics from outside America. My question to him will be the following:

  • How do you recognize ‚good Catholic’?
  • Is someone saved because of the behavior yet never repented?

‚Good Catholic’ must repent in the same way as ‚bad one’. Standing against the abortion or perverts not necessarily make you a Christian. It’s a good thing.The Gospel Jesus preached was:

  • Repent AND believe the Gospel!

As far as I know, Charismatic Catholics differ in nothing from ‚non Charismatic’. Study their ‚conversion’ and see the words like: „The baptist helped me to embrace Romish teaching even more” or „Now I pray and love Mary more”. In short- they will tell you- the so called ‚baptism in the Spirit’ will make them ‚a better Catholic’. The true Holy Spirit will guide you to the Truth. Catholics don’t know the Bible but study catechism. True baptism in the Spirit will not only show you to repent but also will lead you out of fake churches and deception! This is not happening in so called Charismatic Catholic movement.

The fruit of the Charismatic Catholic movement is this- confusion, error and clinging to heretical teachings of the Romish Caesar: worship of dead folks, ever- virgin Mary, praying on rosary, worship of icons, relics, ‚patrons and saints’, listening to arch- heretic- the Pope Antichrist.

If you go back in true history of America you will notice that for hundreds of years nobody allowed idolatry to take roots. Later on 2 Catholics were allowed to have influence on Constitution, and further on, First Amendment changed everything what Forefathers stood for! This is treachery. This is plain conspiracy! The change was this:

„Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

This is not what Forefathers stood for! They opposed Pope and you won’t see him in America till…nowadays.No Protestant ever allowed idolatry, superstition to take roots on American ground. Now, when they ‚amended’ the ORIGINAL, you observe not only 30 mln bunch of idol worshipers. Now, you have got the rest of abominations: fags, evolution, eastern mysticism, witchcraft and all filthiness. Forefathers are horrifying if they know what’s going on in America today. Lies, conspiracy, secret meetings, secret pacts, Freemasonry, immigration to bring more idols to the country.

Mr Stan is not the only victim of this ‚leaven of Pharisees’. I have heard many Protestants who add poison to clear teachings of the Bible. This causes confusion. This is mixed seed. This is error and its seeds will grow in apostasy. Mr Stan acknowledges that RC is Biblical Whore of Revelation. How then her followers are ‚saved’? This is beyond me. Please watch this video, see the evidence, hear him talk and …pray that he see the Truth and REPENT before judgement comes.