Deliverance from black metal music and dark magic

Deliverance from black metal music and dark magic

Renunciation, breaking of curses, deliverance from demons.

“But hast lifted up thyself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of his house before thee, and thou, and thy lords, thy wives, and thy concubines, have drunk wine in them; and thou hast praised the gods of silver, and gold, of brass, iron, wood, and stone, which see not, nor hear, nor know: and the God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified”Daniel 5:23

“And he smote the men of Bethshemesh, because they had looked into the ark of the LORD, even he smote of the people fifty thousand and threescore and ten men: and the people lamented, because the LORD had smitten many of the people with a great slaughter”1 Samuel 6:19

“And when they arose early on the morrow morning, behold, Dagon was fallen upon his face to the ground before the ark of the LORD; and the head of Dagon and both the palms of his hands were cut off upon the threshold; only the stump of Dagon was left to him”1 Samuel 5:4

I repent before God Almighty and His Son- Jesus Christ for listening or taking part in black metal music and black magic.

I renounce all black magic philosophies, I cancel any word I sang along when listening to metal music, any pact with satan and demons, any glorification of demons, misanthropy and wallowing in abnormal behaviour, gore, magic, illicit sex, violence, brutality, sadness, mass murder and so on. I renounce and have decided to throw away and destroy all metal recordings and other paraphernalia.

I renounce all names of metal bands as well as occult philosophies and demons that inspire them. I break demonic soul ties with all my favourite metal bands and singers (guitarists etc). I renounce all occultic symbology- pentagram, hexagram, satanic languages, symbols, upside down crosses, black masses, blood magic, human sacrifice, animal sacrifice etc.

I ask Jesus to restore my soul from any place it was taken through my participation in false religions, music, subcultures or magic. Set free all my parts of the soul that have been caged, break any barriers like cage, grave that demons or sorcerers use to keep them in prison.

I break any spell or ritual that has been placed against me while listening to black metal. I repent for using my God- given money to spend it on things that belong to my enemy. I break also any curses that ensued due to my disobedience. I bow before You, Jesus Christ rejecting all rebellion, witchcraft, mind control, evil, stubbornness, false religions, demon worship etc.

I renounce and remove from my possessions all articles that belong to the enemy camp:

Black metal CD’s and DVD’s, black metal magazines, black metal outfits, memorabilia, jewellery, tickets, photos, and signatured items.

I repent for taking part in concerts of metal music and spending money and financing the evil lifestyles of all those musicians. I renounce all aspects typical for metal music scene like:

Blast beats, cacophony, atonality, devil chords, growling, long hair, pit mosh, goat signs, occult T-shirts, back masking, violence on scene, idolatry, demonolatry, hating Jesus, cursing Jesus, humanism, cynicism, fornication, faggotry, adultery, anal worship, drugs, mental illness, suicide and murder impulses, mysticism, séances, parties, Nazi philosophy, nihilism, voodoo beat, antichrist views, violence, rebellion against parents, dissonance, sense of fear, blasphemy and lies about Jesus Christ, antitheism, paganism, fantasy, mock crucifixions, impaled animal heads, blood sprinkling, corpse paint, black Sabbath, glorification of Nazis and concentration camps, inverted pentagrams, 666, samael, Lucifer, church burning, desecration of graves, anti-Semitism.


I renounce all of black metal bands and genres like:

King diamond, black metal, death metal, grind core, death core, goregrind, gothic metal, doom, candle mass, venom, creator, cradle of filth, slayer, vader, gorgoroth, beherit, deicide, mayhem, cannibal corpse etc.(name your own).


I cover myself with the blood of Jesus! Angel of the Lord encamp round about me and delivers me! Holy Spirit lifts up a standard against my enemies!

I break all spells and ritual done to me by dark occultism. I ask my Heavenly Father to dispatch legions of angels to find out any and all rituals done against me. Father I rebuke them, bind and immobilize all evil energy and demons behind it, released, summoned, invoked, evoked or dispatched against me or my family, friends. I break any chains of spells and rituals being constantly done against me at night or during the day. In Jesus’ name!

I expose any coven and individual that is behind it and ask You, Lord Jesus, to arrest them, stop them at any cost and let their curses be sent back upon their evil demons!

I stand against any corpse magic done against me, against satanic strong holds, strong rooms, walls of cadavers, buried or entombed dead bodies militating against me, or use of bones, cadavers or spilt blood. In Jesus’ name! I send fire of God to burn it to crisp and destroy all the works of the devil done against me or my family! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Name above EVERY other name!

I command all the following demons and their ‘friends’ to come out, be arrested by warrior angels of Jesus and sent into their eternal lot in darkness and pain. In Jesus name!


Belphegor, marduk, asmodeus, Hecate, behemoth, abaddon, abraxas, adrammelek, azrael, azazel, Astarte, astaroth, apollyon, baphomet, bal- sagoth, dagon, cerunnos, cthulu, azathoth, Ithaqua, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, carnage, disinterment, fire starter, immolation, bloodbath, disembowelment, brujeria, fantomas, mysticism, Satanism, agoraphobia, phobia, neurosis, grave robber, entombment, embalmer, exhumation, sepulture, ossuary, crypt, mausoleum, catacomb, shrine, tomb, vault, six feet under, insanity, morbidity, macabre, damage, grotesque, aberrant, enema, anal eroticism, BDSM, haemorrhage, cancer, disease, pestilence, locust, infection, hate, virus, contagion, epidemic, flu, necropsy, coprophagia, necrophagia, necrophilia, incest, paedophilia, impious, ephebophilia, hebephilia, pathology, nihilist, cynic, atheist, disbelief, fate, carnal, hypocrite, hopeless, impious, violation, mind rape, predator, desecration, profanation, sacrilege, debauchery, decadence, raunchiness, incantation, unholy, anal sex, predator, anal sex god, anal sex goddess, diabolic, prostitute, mayhem, murder, slaughter, suffocation, enemy, foe, doom, abortion, accusation, damnation, martyr, misery, mortification, orphan, confusion, corruption of morals, corruption of minors, chaos, abyss, asphyxiation, sadist, pain, rape, surgeon, surgery, mutilation, torture, dissection, dislocation, monstrous, disfigurement, macabre, gore, misery, torment, agony, terror, oppressor, pagan, fear, scars, tribulation, vomitory, stench, regurgitation, cannibal, sadness, tearful, catatonia, catalepsy, insomnia, hearse, cenotaph, funeral, casket, grave worm, grave, obituary, cemetery, worm, parasite, worm rot, putrefaction, outcast, castaway, hobo, strange, suicide, hybrid, animosity, harlot, inertia, torpor, apathy, insect, fly, sex pest, goat, mockery, depression, bathory, inanna, misanthrope, incantation, black mass, rune magic, belphegor, behemoth, elf, freya, Hecate, damage, moon spell, aleister Crowley, thelema, john dee, damnation, icon, cadaver, monster, ghoul, darkness, infernal, giant, Lilith, legion, watcher, demise, leech, Lilith, massacre, debauchery, malpractice, mantic, myth, thaumaturgy, myths, deceiver, delusion, lunatic, Lucifer, decay, disease, hades, Judas, leprosy, disaster, crisis, felony, error, lobotomy, drowning, execution, infanticide, mute, deaf, Darwin, defeat, desolator, fallen, lobotomy, Egypt, heathen, iniquity, injection, potion, extract, elixir, alchemy, leviathan, shame, Frankenstein, clone, doppelganger, enchanted, hexed, dreamless, glorification of evil, euthanasia, eugenics, frozen, Mayan, moon child, farce, impious, filth, horny, hermit, incubus, succubus, lethargy, satire, travesty, fury, history, hypnosis, nightmare, ghost, golem, guardian, hegemon, trance, daze, melancholy, worm, grub, bug, larva, tick, pest, sex prisoner, sex slave, sexless, neurotic, necromancy, Goth, nose worm, wormwood, Narnia, deviant, lust for pain, vagina worm, unnatural lust, penis worm, skin worm, gut worm, ear worm, anus worm, nemesis, cremation, perverse, stalker, psychotic, Nostradamus, decay, vermin, evanescence, nosferatu, Dracula, undead, obsession, vampiric metal, werewolf metal, black countess, blood drinking, feces eating, cum eating, piss drinker, lamia, python, obsession, sodomy, necropedophile, occult, orion, Orpheus, oracle, sores, pazuzu, pessimist, phantom, phoenix, psycho, beastly rape, savage, archetype, profanity, profanation, priestess, priest, poltergeist, antichrist, putrefaction, decay, atrophy, gangrene, rottenness, necro sadist, despair, rabid, encased, fatalist, mania, sterile, anal worship, paralysis, trauma, stillbirth, patricide, fratricide, matricide, gendercide, sororicide, impalement, hanging, injection, gassing, strangulation, mind worms, maggots, shapeshifter, abuse, beast, defilement, deranged, lust, sleaze, deflorator, devirginator, sex with unanimate objects, sex with ghosts, sex in cemetery, reprobate sodomite, lesbo, sex in coffin, sex in public, deiphagia, deicide, reprobate, rape of angels, orgy of angels, lust for God, assailant of heaven, obscene acts, beast bride, bug magic, crawling worms, rodents, snakes, crawling chaos, satanic bee hive, satanic ant colony, anger toward God, centipede, millipede, goetia, sex with God, sex with mentally ill, lust toward physically impaired, god complex, messiah complex, electra complex, violator of holiness, sex with robots, violator of innocent, zoophile, animal magic, demented rapist, rape to death, snuff, rape to insanity, buried alive, skinned alive, werewolf, defleshment, sex amputation, scalping, mortician, undertaker, soul sucker, inhuman lust, soul entrapper, soul encager, soul rape, mass grave, extreme filth, extreme lust, extreme perversion, sithis, organ harvester, mass murderer, dissection, dislimbment, dislocation, butcher, surgeon, filth, ordure, putrescence, feces magic, corpse magic, mass human sacrifice, double anal, anal fisting and footing, anal orgasm, multiple orgasm, vlad tepes, madness, clairvoyant, misanthropy, Gnosticism, king diamond, transvestite, demonic husband, demonic wife, groupie

Thank you Jesus Christ for deliverance! I glorify your name! I want to live 100% for you for the rest of my life! Hallelu Yah to Jesus!

I shall not die but will live and declare the mighty works of Jesus! God is MY Father! I am accepted into beloved! I am a child of God and heir with Jesus Christ!

I break also any backlash, revenge, vendetta and repercussions from any demons or covens, or individuals in Jesus’ Name! Jesus send your angels and increase your protection around me, my place, family and friends. Lord Jesus bring people to the kingdom, wrench them from the hands of devils and bring them to Your true Light and Truth!

Amen and amen!