Another Gospel of Alex Jones

Another Gospel of Alex Jones

Another Gospel of Alex Jones

Another Gospel of Alex Jones

Finally, Alex Jones was caught in the act, when he tried to explain his beliefs on ‚God’. A person can hear his own gospel starting on about 40 minutes into the program:

He said there are about 50 mln listeners each week. Well, that can mean a disaster for so many people!

„”Spiritual psychic calls…There is a spirit there, there is an afterlife.Religions can try to put the names on it, churches can try to put doors on it and make you think you go to the priest and find god. God is in our hearts right now, the spirit, god’s spirit, the seed of the universe is in all of our hearts.And we have to open the door to our hearts. It’s knocking right now. It’s all you have got to do and all fear, all of it will leave you and all you have left is the drive to
stand up and do the right thing. And you will still have the flesh, you will still be wicked, and you still have had bad thoughts but you will see it for what it is. And it will become smaller and smaller in your life, after God has torn you down, god will build you up. After you have gone thru the storm. But you will never, you will never develop, never taste the greater things of this universe, that god has in store for us, that the eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, and mind has not imagined , if you will not take this test right now and prove you are a worthy servant of good.You need that good report!You have free will, prove who you are now.Do you wanna bring down evil, change your heart today and the world will change after that ” Alex Jones

Why Jesus had to go on the Cross?
No mention of the salvation in Jesus or the blood that can ONLY remit sins?
Jesus said: You must be born from above, of the Holy Spirit [Acts 2], how can YOU change yourself?
If god is in our hearts before anybody gets saved, why salvation in Jesus?
Open the heart for…what?
Servant of…good, but not of Jesus?
Many religions have ‚god ‚ in their teachings, so what God are you talking bout?
What is …good? You don’t have a problem with homos, and yet Jesus Christ says: it’s an abomination!
Seed of the universe? Is this new age, fallen angel- ‚Another Gospel’?

Alex Jones and his listeners- wake up, and accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, come on His side, before it’s too late! You don’t know what are you talking bout!

Every reader of the Bible will notice, this is not the Gospel of Jesus he preaches or believes! Is this Alex Jones’ another gospel, that damns people to hell?


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