Da F.A.Q needed- Warriors of the Cross- Ohio

Yo! There is a group out there called Warriors of the Cross. What’s stands out is that their lyrics are pure Pentecostal/Charismatic.Warriors_of_the_Cross- Triumph Take „Day of Pentecost”. It’s about receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. They rap: „ Tongues into the heaven when they understand me”. Great.Spirit-filled hip hop is rare if available at all.  Another favorite is „Miracle”. Faith produces miracles we are need badly. They shake their heads how some don’t have baptism… I’m not really into rap/hip hop but the lyrics are really good. I could find only one CD and little info on the group(link below). There are no videos/ clips- I wonder if they still exist. Does anybody have any intel on them? 

„You can say the name of Jesus in the midst of a storm. But Jesus’ name is not a cliche- it’s more. It’s deliverance, healin’ and a battle sword. It’s protection… and it opens doors”.

My favorites everybody needs to listen to:

”Day of Pentecost„
”Highest praise„


Do they have more CDs? Where one can get some lyrics? Write.

Catch you later…y’all.


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