Fake crop of Baptistic malicious spirits- dummy baptism in the Spirit as taught by pastor John Torell.

Fake crop of Baptistic malicious spirits- dummy baptism in the Spirit as taught by pastor John Torell.

Fake crop of Baptistic malicious spirits- dummy baptism in the Spirit as taught by pastor John Torell.

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Apostle Paul, and every early Christian talked in tongues when(and if)they received their baptism. Jesus Christ told disciples that when He goes away He will send Comforter, the Holy Ghost and asked them to wait till they are filled with the power from on hight. It happened exactly 50 days from the moment He was taken up on the cross and about 10 days from the moment He was taken up to heaven and glorified!

Modern day preachers follow dangerous non-Spirit filled theology!

  1. Baptism in the Sprit was not automatical! Why? Disciples were with Jesus and He told them, He who was with you (not in you!) will be IN you. Where was the Holy Ghost then? In Jesus Christ!
  2. Apostles and other disciples were SAVED but not baptised in the Spirit. Jesus said He will do it but not before He is taken up! This means you can be saved but not have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you!
  3. On the day of Pentecost ALL 120 talked in tongues.(Acts 2)
  4. Samaria received the Gospel, folks got saved right and left by Spirit filled Phillip YET Peter had to go there, cos NONE OF THEM GOT BAPTISM!
  5. Acts 19- Paul asked: have you received the Holy Ghost since you believe? He talked to believers in Jesus, not of John the Baptist! Then when he put his hands ALL talked in tongues.
  6. Paul and Apostles/ othes looked at HOW THEY RECEIVED IN THE BEGINNING! (Acts 2)
  7. “Can anyone withhold water and prevent these people from being baptized, who have received the Holy Spirit just as we have?

For Paul tongues was the only sign they got it as he got Him!

Brother John Torell preaches Baptist doctrines. They characterize in malicious, vicious spirit of religion that speak maliciously about Azusa Street Revival and Charismatic Movment,yet studying false revivals from the past! There are many poison mushroom- baptist churches and their many preachers who condemned Pentecostals as from hell. This is dangerous place they are in!

Reformation was just the beginning, and NONE of the revivals so called TILL Azusa Street Revival (and NO it was not their idea about tongues, but Biblical!) and Charismatic Movement. Why? None of these revivals were healing sick, casting out devils , raising up the dead. Glorious Pentecostal and Charismatic sweep, brought the Book of Acts alive. True church was back on track.Yet religious, once saved always saved, damnable preachers were in hissy fits! They mocked, they persecuted, they taught about Holy Spirit much, yet they never received Him (they rejected God’s will and inheritance) and thus they talked false doctries, even to this day!

John Torell preaches false doctrines. The Bible calls it “And their word will eat as doth a canker…overturning faith of many”. OSAS damns soul to hell and was invented by those who rejected power of the Spirit and gifts! They lack holiness, doctrines, and power in life over sins- so they invented another Jesus (osas),another spirit (which they have but never received the Holy Ghost)!

Bible talks about them:

“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” And also “These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.”. Separate from what? From Biblical teaching and true baptism in the Spirit manifested only by tongues.They are blind and leading others to their horrible state of ingnorance. They are sensual- they follow flesh and rejected the Spirit and tongues. All who preach against tongues, baptism in the Spirit, power and miracles and in denominatonal demons who blinded them that cannot see.

Evil and malicious mushroom of Baptist religious false crop will wither, as they fight the Spirit. Their teaching is of the flesh. They were not born again. Their theology is against the Scriptures, they teach lies in hypocrisy. They lack faith, they lack Spirit of Truth, so they always walk around.

OSAS is the teaching of demons. All who follow both heresies as preached by J.Torell or anybody else with land in the ditch they are.Without holiness noone shall see the Lord. Without true baptism, there is no power to live holy, over sin. They can not make it without Him. Repent and Turn from your wicked, malicious and false ways till it’s too late. Hell is full of baptist and now they mourn.



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