Cassiane- new CD entitled „Minha Essência”(2015) is about to be released anytime soon.

Cassiane- new CD entitled „Minha Essência”(2015) is about to be released anytime soon.

Have you ever heard about Cassiane? She is 42 year old now, Brazilian Pentecostal Gospel/ Praise and Worship songstress with many blockbuster songs like: „With much praise”,”Revival”,”Holy Fire”,”My Friend, Holy Spirit” etc. She sings about baptism of the Holy Spirit, gifts, tongues, power coming down in the midst of the people, healing, miracles and faithfulness of God!

You can check out this short video:

She confirmed that her next CD will bear the title  „Minha Essência”(2015) and will have some guest appearance of unknown so far music artists. One video points out some titles like:

  • A Muralha (The wall)
  • Em Nome de Jesus (In the name of Jesus)
  • Vai Dando Gloria (Give Him glory)
  • Meu Ar (My air)
  • Pra casa eu vou

Some samples can be listened to here:

If you have never listened to her songs, man- you must do it and make up for many years! You can download many mp3’s on Itunes (around 0.99$ or less!):



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