Jade Helm 15 and Globalism

Jade Helm 15 and Globalism

Jade Helm 15 is another step to prepare troops for globalist missions and to defend country against insurgency both from outside and within. JH 15 itself may not involve any arrests but they train for the coming future to combat conflict in Ukraine, to fight extremists, Muslim madmen, to handle race riots, gang or biker revolt, MK-ULTRA programmed shooters, being released to introduce artificial trauma to cause ‚needed change’ like gun grab, relinquishment of sovereignty to globalist hands AND to fight in case of ‚homegrown’ opposer to the coming NWO regime reach their ‚zeniths’ and can not handle this changes anymore. Current affairs like mass faggotisation of America, Ireland and the world, removing flags, mass brainwash and ridiculous political correctness as weapons of mind control of society…are globalist’s subversion of ‚old order’.

There are 3 basic levels of unity toward global Government:

  1. religious unity
  2. monetary and economical unity
  3. unity of world armies

„Who can fight the Beast”,”can not buy or sell unless in the system”,’all the world follows ecumenism’…They fight all who is against them…’Doubters’ must be discredited, silenced or fought against…

Read the main article:

Jade Helm 15 and Globalism


Jade Helm 15 and Globalism(LARGE)

(pdf format!)

Get the full info on the Jade Helm 15 exercise and share with others- family, friends and concerned persons!


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