Pipe dreams of democracy and votes during Presidential Elections in America 2016.Hilary, Obama,Jeb Bush, Michele Bachmann or maybe Sarah Palin?

Pipe dreams of democracy and votes during Presidential Elections 2016.Hilary, Obama, Jeb Bush, Michele Bachmann or maybe Sarah Palin?

American ‚democratic’ vote. The outcome is already known…

„This Government is ruled by the Illuminati…When I was in this organisation years and years ago I was told when a new guy is elected President, whether it’s Obama or whoever, he walks into the Oval Office and there is one guy standing who is one of the Nine Unknown Men. And he basically sits him down and says: This is the way it’s gonna be, your are gonna do this and…this …and this…And if you don’t do this, look what we did to Nixon,  look what we did to Kennedy. We can do it to you too…There is a puppet master behind the scene that is running the show whoever happens to have the title of the President. „Bill Schnoebelen


„Obama will take the oath of office for a second term in a small, private White House ceremony on Sunday, Jan. 20, the constitutionally mandated date for the inauguration. The next day, he will do it all over again in front of the public on steps of the Capitol.”


„On the day before the public inauguration ceremony at the Capitol, President Obama and Vice President Biden are sworn in privately and lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.”



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